Investiture Ceremony

Taking the baton forward—Students as Leaders 

The students of KENNEDY HIGH the global school, Bachupally, Hyderabad, were bestowed with responsibilities on the 23 July 2019 during the much-awaited Investiture Ceremony in the school grounds. Days of practice finally led to the day when the newly selected student cabinet could be invested with their various responsibilities. It was an event of great significance to all those present there as it meant that a new group of students, with new sets of skills and capabilities, would become the leaders of the school, ushering in a fresh sense of dignity, determination, and diligence. The school cabinet is headed by Prashant Tandon-Head Boy (CBSE) and Anvitha G.S. -Head Girl (CBSE). The Cambridge Wing, CAIE, is headed by Chetan M. and Ishita C. as Head Boy and Head Girl respectively. The Junior Wing of the CBSE and CAIE wings are headed by Shourya Singh (CBSE), Neelesh Reddy (CAIE), Nithya (CBSE) and Jignaasa Kotti (CAIE) as Head Boy and Head Girl of their respective divisions. The investiture ceremony holds a place of pride in everyone’s heart as it is an embodiment of the principles of a strong, committed, and accountable student fraternity and is the reflection of holistic education at the school. In a ceremony befitting the future leaders, the entire student cabinet took oath to develop a unified, responsible, and socially and globally conscious student fraternity at KENNEDY HIGH the global school.

True cheers to our student leaders!

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