Children's Day Celebrations

Children's Day Celebration

On November 14 2022, Children’s day was celebrated with immense joy and enthusiasm at KENNEDY HIGH the global school.

The programme began with an introduction about the importance of the day and. Chairman Sri. S. Jamala Reddy delivered a speech which aimed to motivate and groom the children, the future of the nation. He also showered his blessings on the children and wished them a bright, healthy and happy future.  Principal Ms. Rajalakshmi Bhat conveyed her best wishes to the children and extended a warm welcome to the organisers and the participants of the various programmes. She said that children are very precious to parents and teachers alike and are therefore nurtured for a better tomorrow.

The teachers made the occasion memorable for the children with a special assembly replete with skits, melodious medley of songs and colourful dance performances. The children revelled in the love and affection shown to them by their teachers and felt very special.


The day concluded with smiles on the students' faces with gratitude in their hearts.

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