Children's Day at our school was a joyous occasion filled with enthusiasm, laughter, and vibrant celebration. The event took place on 14 November with students from classes I-XII / Grades 1 to A level, coming together to commemorate the birthday of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru.
The school's leadership, including Chairman Sri. S. Jamala Reddy, Managing Director Sri.M. Subba Reddy, and Principal Ms. Rajyalaxmi Bhat, graced the occasion with their presence. In a symbolic gesture of respect and admiration, they offered garlands to a portrait of the late Jawaharlal Nehru, whose love for children led to the celebration of Children’s Day in India.
The campus echoed with cheers as students gathered to partake in the celebrations. Many teachers showcased their talents by participating in various cultural events, right from classical dances to melodious songs and inspiring words of wisdom. The teachers left no stone unturned to entertain the students. Their performances not only showcased their artistic abilities but also created an atmosphere of joy and celebration.
The highlight of the day was watching the teaching staff, whom students usually perceive as mentors and educators, transform into performers. The students thoroughly enjoyed seeing their teachers dance and sing, adding an extra layer of excitement to the celebration.
Overall, the Children's Day celebration at our school was a testament to the spirit of joy, camaraderie, and the enduring bond between teachers and students.


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