Teachers Attend Workshop on “Creating a Holistic Learning Environment”

Three teachers from the school attended a Capacity and Skill Building Programme on “Creating a Holistic Learning Environment" on 4 November,2023. This workshop focused on enhancing the abilities and resources of educators to effectively implement holistic learning practices. The resource person shared innovative methods on how to acquire specific competencies and techniques necessary for fostering holistic learning such as differentiated instruction, social-emotional learning, personalized learning, and classroom management to cater to the diverse needs of learners. The participating teachers were advised to emphasize not only subject matter knowledge but also emotional intelligence, social skills, critical thinking, creativity, and character development involving integrating experiential learning, mindfulness practices, and interdisciplinary approaches into the curriculum.
They were also trained to create an inclusive and equitable learning space where every student has the opportunity to thrive and that they should continually adapt and improve their practices to align with the evolving needs of learners and the changing educational landscape.
All in all, it helped enhance the participants' understanding of the principles and practices of holistic learning with a commitment to ongoing development and a student-centered, inclusive approach to education.

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