14th Annual Day Celebration 2018-19

14th Annual Day was celebrated on 15 and 16 December 2018. The 14th Annual Day celebrations saw an impressive gathering, with approximately three thousand people, including invitees, parents, guardians, and students gracing the event, which was held on two consecutive days.

Day-1 was titled Astitwa and Day-2 was titled Anubhuthi. Both these events showcased students’ innate abliliity to hone their individuality and emerge happy and successful. Chairman Sri S.J. Reddy and Principal, Rajyalaxmi Bhat graced the occasion. In his address, the Chief Guest expressed the need to develop emotional strength in youngsters from their formative stages and was appreciative of the efforts being made by KENNEDY HIGH the global school in focusing on the Emotional Quotient of the students along with the Intelligent Quotient. Principal, Mrs. Bhat read a comprehensive report detailing the achievements and presented a road map for the future. The meritorious students were felicitated with awards and trophies. The cultural bonanza that followed next was a treat to the eye. The students enthralled the audience with their eclectic performances and effervescent energy. The expressions of gratitude towards nature, our valiant service men, farmers, and teachers truly touched a chord among the audience.

The two – day event concluded on a positive note, with a promise of a brighter year ahead!

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