Chairman of KENNEDY HIGH the global school, Sri. S. Jamala Reddy and Principal Ms. Rajyalaxmi Bhat congratulated the four Peer Educator Ambassadors and the two Peer Educator Mentor Teachers from CBSE for successfully completing the online programme on Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership in Life Skills, Health and Well-being, consisting of 4 modules.

The two students nominated by the school for the training from class XII are Master Chandransh Dasari and Miss. Ksheeraja Sikha and the two students from class X who were nominated are Miss. Siri Kulkarni and Miss. P. Bhavana. The teacher Ms. K. Nivedha and the school counsellor Ms. Sangeeta Pandya were also nominated by the school to support the 4 peer educators. The aim of the program is to empower the Life Skills and Well-being Ambassadors and to enrich the climate for healthy and happy schools.

While nominating the representative Peer Educators Team, it was ensured that all the team members possess the following qualities:
1. Enthusiasm and commitment for teamwork
2. Good communication skills and empathy for peers
3. Ability to model and lead appropriate behaviour for others
4. Zeal for knowledge and sensitivity towards health and well-being issues

Around 2462 schools enrolled for the training programming the first phase. After successful completion of the training, Certificate of participation was awarded to the participating students and teachers.

This team worked together to train a selected team of 50 students from class VIII-IX to play a vital role in creating a participatory climate for behavioural change and adaptation to strengthen the inclusive environment to mitigate the impact COVID-19 had on the psychosocial well-being of children and adolescents across the country. The new team of Peer educators are now ready to take on the mantle of being leaders and bring in the much -desired changes.

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