KENNEDY HIGH Students at G20 Adolescent Life Skills Summit-2023

KENNEDY HIGH Students at G20 Adolescent Life Skills Summit-2023

The students of KENNEDY HIGH the global school, Suhitha of class XI, Srikriti and Gauri of class IX, along with mentor teacher Ms. Nivedha participated in the State level G20 Adolescent Life Skills Summit organized by CBSE in association with Expressions India, at Silver Oaks International School on 10 August 2023 and 11 August 2023.

Our students took part in various activities  including National School Health and Wellbeing Exhibition, Yuva Sansad – Adolescent Wellbeing Parliament, Whiz Quiz, Rhetoric (Young Orators Championship) and Musical Rendering (Group Indian Classical Singing).

The two-day summit served as a platform for our students to promote the strategies followed by our school to create a holistic and safe environment for the students in school. The students were freely able to express their concerns and also express themselves through various forms of art which includes singing and painting.

Our exhibition stall drew many curious participants, including teachers as our school focused on Socio-Emotional learning as a necessary step to mental health and well-being. Our students could easily respond to all the queries raised as our school has regular SELSK (Socio Emotional learning as a life skill) classes.

The discussion on Peer Educators Programs made the students brainstorm on how to implement and share the knowledge that they had gained during the summit. This was an exciting opportunity for our students, more so because under the CBSE Adolescent Leadership Programme on Life Skills, Mental Health, Safety and Well Being, the first batch of Peer Educators of our school have successfully completed one year and the new batch is getting ready to train.

The teachers who accompanied the students were also able to interact with the other teachers during the workshop on ‘Safety in the Context of Behavioural and Educational Wellbeing – Focus on POCSO Act and Allied Areas’. The teachers were also able to discuss and come up with solutions for various issues brought forth to the spotlight during the workshop.

Overall, the summit helped the students to understand the importance of life skills and how it can be put to practice in schools, which will aid in holistic development of their peers and other students in school.

All the participants were awarded a certificate.

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